What is Flex Choice

FlexChoice is an online service to help implement "Flexible Scheduling" (Flex Time), specifically designed for highschools in British Columbia, Canada.
Flex-Time has been proven by researchers to be effective to help students in all categories, ranging from high academic achievers to students with special interests. Many highschools however are hesitant to implement such a program as scheduling for it could be chaotic.
Besides the moundane weekly signups, there is no way to track if students are attending consistently, let alone providing accountability for possible truancy.
Flex Choice is developed specifically to provide a well-rounded scheduling and tracking system. Teachers and administrators can schedule and track student's selection and attendance, and students will select sections to attend.
Student data is securely stored in a datacenter located in Ontario, Canada.

Three Interfaces

FlexChoices consist of three interfaces, interweaving into a coherent system, from the beginning to the end of each flex-time cycle.



Student login to make selection of upcoming flex-time sessions, viewing selection and attendance records, as well as previewing future sessions that are yet open for selection.



Besides taking attendance for each session by clicking the names of those who are away, students also have the option to sign themselves in with a scanner. Teachers also can "override" student choices if a student missed out something crucially important.



As the program fully integrates with MyEd, admin can set up all flex-time sessions, giving teacher prep so that no student can join the session, manage teachers enabling even a TTOC to take charge, changing student attendance records, analyze attendance and choice patterns over time.
New "COHORT" features have been added so that only teachers with the same cohort are available for students to choose to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

New Code, new server, new features

FlexChoice was first developed by Alex Chen in 2015 for Chilliwack Secondary School while working as a teacher. The program has been constantly changing to meet school needs.
With recent major revamp to newer web technology, as well as hosted on No1 ranking Canadian Web hosting service. It is now posed to serve many more BC schools.

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